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5pm | Moms Without Worry

Coming December 6th!!!! Cut through the clutter of parenting advice and overcome the pressure to be a perfect mom and raise perfect kids. Dr. Karen Cassiday encourages you to embrace the messy hilarity of parenting by explaining the scientific strategies that will help you and your kids thrive with authenticity, joy and good humor!

Dr Karen Cassiday is a lively, sought-after speaker and commentator on
national media such as Nightline, The Today Show, Animal Planet, The Joy
Behar Show, Huffington Post, public radio and many more. She is a TEDx
speaker who shared her personal experience as a mother overcoming her own
anxious perfectionism in the middle of Walt Disney World! She served as the
President of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America and is the
founder of the Anxiety Treatment Center of Greater Chicago, the
longest-running clinic to first use modern exposure-based treatment for
anxiety disorders in the Chicago region.

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