Cosmos and Ethos: 

Awakening humanity’s conscious evolution demands both individual reflection and collective action. The series Cosmos and Ethos recognizes the direct connectivity between our inner and outer lives promises to accelerate individual consciousness and renew our collective awareness.

Promoting best practices in holistic health and next generation trends in societal systems;  Cosmos and Ethos demonstrates the profound inter-dependency between individual healing and collective health. While showcasing a diverse conceptual and practical spectrum of contemporary thought; it blurs the boundaries between ancient wisdom traditions and modern scientific methods.

Cosmos and Ethos intends to catalyze an individual and collective revisioning process to advance the most significant transformation of consciousness in human history.

Paula Chiarmonte: 

Believing the brain can change at any age, Paula Chiarmonte advocates for optimal brain health. As a biofeedback practitioner she enhances cognitive and emotional resilience in her national clientele. Formerly, she practiced neurofeedback at an integrative medicine clinic in North Carolina. Paula brings over 30 years of personal experience with “deep change” and brain integration methods to her practice. Recent studies include Trauma Healing with Thomas Hübl, DNA Activation with Acurda Melchizedek and Spiritual Emergence with Dr. Emma Bragdon.

Certified in Transformational Healthcare Leadership from University of California, Los Angeles, Paula has been a Preferred Facilitator with PSYCH-K® International since 2013. She studied directly with its founder, psychotherapist Rob Williams and Bruce Lipton. Based on Dr. Lipton’s (The Biology of Belief) new biology of intention (epigenetics); it is a brain integration method blending neuroscience, evolutionary biology and positive psychology for transformational subconscious change. PSYCH-K is an abbreviated term for “psychological kinesiology.”

Certified in Economic Development and Healthcare Disparities from University of California, Fresno Paula was a research analyst in economic development, specializing in healthcare. Subsequently, she trained librarians in telehealth services, with the National Network of Libraries of Medicine.

As a nonprofit management consultant for ten years, Paula Chiarmonte was capital campaign director for Community Counseling Services in San Francisco; Custom Development Solutions in Charleston; and managing consultant at Skystone Partners in Cincinnati. Certified in Charitable Planned Giving from University of California, Long Beach; she trained library foundation boards statewide, funded by the California State Library. Earlier, she directed the Sacramento Public Library Foundation.

Originally an academic librarian at Cornell University and State University of New York; Paula holds a master’s degree in library and information science. She holds two undergraduate degrees in design (studying abroad) and business administration. She also administered a Nonprofit Organization Management degree program, while instructing courses in Arts Management.

Her publications feature the definitive print and online bibliography, Women Artists in the United States: A Selective Bibliography and Resource Guide on the Fine and Decorative Arts, 1850-1986, funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities. Paula co-authored Handbook of Volunteer Management, published by the North Carolina Governor’s Office. Paula also wrote; Create a Planned Giving Bequest Program for Your Library, published by Friends and Foundations of California Libraries.

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