That’s All I Know So Far will explore the rising problems of suicide, mental illness, addictions, and eating disorders through the lens of complex trauma and spirituality. Kat Schwarz will offer an educated, unique, bold, and (sometimes) humorous perspective focused on answering life’s biggest questions, finding innovative solutions, and offering hope to the hopeless. 

Kat Schwarz practiced traditional physical therapy for 20 years and currently does her healing work as a Reiki Master of Masters, spirit medium, mindfulness teacher and certified trauma educator. Kat specializes in the holistic treatment of physical and mental health conditions and skillfully integrates her extensive professional training, personal experience, and spiritual gifts and tools into a powerful healing session. Kat is the owner of Compassionate Healing Services which aims to make mental health and suicide prevention services accessible to all. She is a certified Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Presenter and has been a member of the NJEA State Task Force on ACEs since 2018. 

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