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About Fear Unravelled with Leanne……

You are not alone if you feel anxious, off balance and even heading for burnout.  You’re probably trying really hard, yet falling short of achieving your desire for greater health, prosperity and peace.  It isn’t your fault! You just haven’t figured out how to move away from distractions, get clear on your expectations, and remove those subconscious barriers. You’re likely caught up in the noise. But with a little help you can change this. You can unleash your best version of yourself & live a peaceful balanced life- an Abundant Life!

Fear Unravelled is a step in the right direction. Join us for weekly conversations with guests and you, our viewers, about navigating fear and mastering the art of manifesting so that you can break free from your discontent and struggle, and start living abundantly.  Fear Unravelled with Leanne explores a plethora of topics with a focus on bridging spiritual laws with science to transform limiting beliefs and let your true nature emerge.

A little about our Host…..

Leanne began her career in Health & Wellness over 20 years ago as a Physiotherapist and ran several clinics. When her own burn-out could not be addressed by traditional methods, she expanded her practice to include body-mind-spirit approaches. This led Leanne to transition her wellness approach to incorporate Intuitive Wellness Coaching for the past 15 years. As a result, Leanne has taught many people how to live a healthier, more peaceful life. In 2019, she shared the secrets to how she overcame her emotional and physical issues in her book Fear Unravelled and her coaching program The Abundant Life Method.  Leanne teaches wellness heart-centered service professionals and DoTERRA Wellness Advocates how to incorporate the principles of her coaching method in their life and work. 

I have education and credentials, but truthfully having to heal myself was my greatest teacher. The most powerful shift was when my intuition was ignited. That is what I help others do who are open & ready to manifest the abundant life they deserve.” Leanne Giavedoni


  • Owner of Unleashed Essentials Inc.
  • Author of Fear Unravelled
  • Creator of The Abundant Life Method
  • Professor of Wellness Coaching
  • Essential Oil Educator
  • Medical Intuitive
  • Certified Hypnotist
  • B.Sc. Physiotherapy
  • B.Sc. Biology

IG @leannegiavedoni

FB @Leanne Giavedoni

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