Welcome to Reconnecting & Recovering with Holly Shepard.  As Human Beings we are born into this physical world with no recollection of origin or our energetic value. In our conversations with Healers/Therapists/Counselors/Spiritual Mentors we will uncover the multitudinal layers of who we have become, how we may have arrived in this moment, and our trajectory into the days ahead. The days ahead are unknown; there are many paths or options to choose from- unconscious or conscious. On our journey we will discuss how to reconnect mind, body, and spirit to build awareness of self; promoting healing, compassion and grace within ourselves that will naturally flow to others around us. 

Holly  Shepard has been aiding individuals on their healing journeys for almost two decades. She specializes in helping those who are seeking to reconnect with themselves. Most times experiencing significant life events, where they often turn to substances for comfort and solace. Holly’s approach focuses on guiding these individuals towards healthier alternatives and igniting their  spirits, fostering a path to recovery and self-discovery.  Because of her own call to be a helper,  she has had lifetime working to reconnect with ancestral wisdom and along the way has been practicing shamanism and energy healing.

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