Every week Viktoriia will be choosing one topic around mindfulness and wellness to unpack and demystify. She will cover topics around relationships, discovering your talents and calling, physical and mental health, lifestyle, abundance, nutrition, parenting – just to name a few. She will also break down the concept and conventional as well as spiritual view on it. Then she’ll share practical advice towards making a difference in your life. One day at a time, we’ll be living at a healthier, richer and happier life. She will also share the tools she uses in her practice as a coach, holistic healer, dancer, tarot reader and astrologer. From time to time Viktoriia will invite guests who have in some way revamped the traditional view on mindful and healthy living and are subject matter experts in their field with a vast personal experience.

Originally from Ukraine, Viktoriia relocated for work to the UK in 2014 and eventually to the US (2017). She now permanently resides in New York metropolitan area.  She has a degree in teaching foreign languages, but has built a corporate career in software engineering, working over the years as a project manager, business analyst, operations manager, etc.  Her big passion for the last 20 years has been self-discovery and actualization, primarily through philosophy, psychology, esoterics and other social studies. This has led her to rebuilding her worldview completely from cultural bias and upbringing. The last few years have been especially crucial in establishing her natural abilities for healing and coaching, as well as high level of intuition and psychic skills. There was no way of going back to the old corporate life. That’s how Mindful Bamboo brand and youtube channels emerged.  Viktoriia is also ecstatic about travelling the world. She has been to 30+ countries, and hopes to see many more places to discover new thinking patterns, lifestyles and perspectives. Travel widens our consciousness and allows for accelerated personal growth (especially when you get to mingle with local culture and rhythm).  When it comes to holistic healing, Viktoriia has first-hand experience with inherited health issues that in turn caused injuries, hospital treatments and major pain issues from early childhood. Being a proponent of psychosomatics and deep connection between mental/emotional and physical health, she still had to dig deeper with illnesses she inherited from her parents. These learnings allowed her to push her physical boundaries to follow ambitious fitness routines and take up ballroom dancing (on the competitive level).

We all know that traumatic experiences in our life either entrap us in our own mind prison or push us to new horizons and opportunities for growth. Viktoriia has had these in abundance, and can share a well established and reliable transformation approach to a healthier and happier life overall. Healing oneself without taking tons of medicine and spending a fortune on doctors is of highest priority to Viktoriia. Throughout the show she will share her practical insights and secrets with you.  When it comes to practical astrology, Viktoriia believes in its practical impact and guidance towards understanding our karmic path, our strengths and weaknesses and balancing all the above to achieve our goals with less struggles, with focus on learning and expanding as a person. Viktoriia has been providing online education around personal astrology and using it. as a tool to make a desired impact on one’s natural timeline as well as a guidance for personal growth.  Viktoriia speaks several languages, so you can reach out to her not just in English, but also in Ukrainian/Russian, French, or Spanish. Language is another mirror/perspective on a specific people’s history, values, traditions – essentially a mindset and a worldview.  Being a program manager Viktoriia is used to discipline, responsibility and planning in all areas of her life, so learning to let go of control to trust the Universe and divine alignment has been quite a challenge for a long time. She has mastered the skills though and is excited to share tips and tricks with those embarking on the journey of following intuition and building trust, with yourself and with the outside world.  Tarot card readings have been an essential tool for Viktoriia in connecting to intuitive guidance and extrasensory abilities. She provides collective readings regularly on her Youtube channels, as well as personal readings and teaching tarot reading craft on demand.  Tune it to “Mindfully Awake” every week to get a fresh take on various dilemmas and challenges of leading a healthy and mindful lifestyle in the modern world. Hear directly from Viktoriia, as well as various subject matter expert guests on their vision and unique methods and frameworks.


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