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The KJ Show, featuring Dr. Katherine Johnson, will be a mix of breaking news combined with practical advice on the ways in which the energy industry will affect you and your family. Katherine will share insights on the changes in the industry drawing on her experience as a consultant in the energy efficiency industry for the past 30 years. This fast-paced show will combine energy updates with conversations with leaders in the energy efficiency community. Each show will also include a live call-in segment so the audience can ask their questions and share their opinions about some of the hottest topics in energy today.  Katherine will also take you behind the scenes to share some of her high-energy adventures ranging from SCUBA diving with sharks to completing her first novel, Grit & Granite.

For 30 years, Katherine Johnson has helped her clients design, implement, and evaluate successful demand-side management programs promoting energy efficiency improvements. Today, Katherine is the founder of the Johnson Consulting Group, an energy efficiency consultancy that works with utilities, municipalities, and government agencies to determine if the programs they are designing work. Katherine brings her specialized expertise in energy efficiency to deliver “analysis that makes sense.”

Throughout her career, she has written five books and authored chapters on technical breakthroughs in the energy industry. She is also a co-author of “Breaking Through, Volume 2,  celebrating 13 women entrepreneurs who have been successful in establishing their own niche in traditionally male-dominated areas. Katherine’s chapter focuses on creating a brand in the energy efficiency business.

Katherine Johnson lived through story in Grit & Granite and was captivated by the way in which her family’s lives were uprooted when her father started working for a multimillionaire. She witnessed first-hand the turmoil that her parents faced as their dreams collided. She also remembers the determination of her father, the main character in the novel, to remain loyal to his client, no matter the cost.

Drawing on her professional skills as a journalist and researcher, she describes the real-life events that swept up her family into this maelstrom. Pick up a copy of Grit & Granite and read the story that forever changed Katherine and her family at Amazon or her audiobook where

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