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Dr. Kenney is a true professional, an experienced renowned speaker who has traveled the globe and tailors her presentations to connect with audiences of all sizes. She feels honored to share her life and knowledge with others. Her presentation experiences are engaging, enriching, encouraging, empowering, effective, and always remembered. It will motivate you to take the limits off to excel and soar like eagles.

This show, “Let’s Talk About That,” will add tremendous value and transform your life to achieve effective results. You will be transformed to manage and bring forth positive change spiritually, personally, and professionally.

Dr. Julwel Kenney’s goal is to empower and motivate you to fulfill your purpose, destiny, and greatness by growing spiritually, personally, and professionally to achieve the greatness God has put in you through life challenges. Join us as we talk real about life situations in business, church, school, family, careers, marriages, and more to transform our thinking to “WIN” by turning Pain Into Purpose. She wants to hear from you so… “Let’s Talk About That

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