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Welcome to Taking Healthy Back with Maria. Maria is unapologetically bold and fierce about health freedom, self-healing and experiencing life with all her senses. On this channel, her mission is Taking Healthy Back. She shares her 25+ years experience of how to live in flow, free of overwhelm. Through her interviews she shows you how to overcome your overwhelmed, over processed, and  over medicated life. Her simple methods will move you to live free of burnout, become self assured, maintain control, and feel comfortable in your skin while being mostly joyful. Everyday wellness doesn’t have to come with a price, it’s our birthright. Maria’s family of 7 is living proof her methods work.

This Ultimate Experience Coach, Conscious Educator, Author, Self-Taught Chef, Speaker and Good Vibe Pollinator, Maria has confidently taught hundreds of people informed self-mastery & self-reliance skills to overcome rising wellness & lifestyle hurdles. Experiencing a full sensory life is Maria’s zone of genius & gifting. She’s proven to be able to create personalized lifestyle systems. Her keep it simple self-care method is designed to help her clients find their unique flow. When implemented, Maria’s 5 Pillars Of Foundational Wellness assure her clients sustained success.  Maria has been a guest on many podcasts sharing her message of living above the wellness line and promoting her book, “Dare to Declare- Greeting the Day with Intention”  This book grew from her Signature class, “Future Journaling, The Power of Words”. It serves as a guide to stir up emotion that will significantly contribute to your health and wellness.  When you use the book, consistently, you will be able to navigate through life’s many paths and passages with greater ease.  It serves to assist you in reestablishing the connection between heart and brain and reroot you to your original design.

The book is available on: Amazon and Barnes & Noble:

Currently, Maria is hosting destination retreats where one can rediscover well-being through tranquil landscapes, local wellness practices, and nourishing culinary delights for ultimate revitalization.

Contact her at to find out her latest Wellness Getaway destination. If you are looking to work with Maria you can find a list of her services on the App at,

Instagram for all things wellness: @takinghealthbackwithmaria, YouTube: & wellness.



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