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Shine Your Light is a Leadership and Emotional intelligence series aiming to create a safe space for all you leaders out there.  A space where you feel understood, cared for and supported to develop into the leaders you have long aspired to be.  If you are a leader who is feeling stressed, overwhelmed or perhaps a bit lost, then this show is for you. 

By focusing on  Emotional Intelligence and my own personal leadership philosophy, I want to help you discover the authentic light deep within you, and give you the tools to shine this light onto others around you.  This show will give you practical tips and tools which, if applied, will help you become the inspiration you want to be and will allow you to engage and create harmony in your team, organization and even your family.  

Nadine Zeinoun is an Executive and Leadership Coach.  She specializes in Emotional Intelligence & Conversational Intelligence and was awarded “Most Promising Emotional Intelligence Coach of the year 2023”.   Nadine works with corporate leaders who are striving for high performance & excellence, yet challenged by teams who seem disengaged and not committed to giving their best in the workplace. 

By working with Nadine, these leaders develop heightened self-awareness and enhanced skills in emotional intelligence, which allows them to exceed all business expectations while inspiring a happy, harmonious, high-performing team.   


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