On Mediterranean Inspired, Emily A Francis will take a vacation from your life and join her in the Mediterranean!  We will explore Mediterranean culture and cuisine.  She will introduce you to Malta as well as other areas in the Mediterranean so you can see why the rest of the world has such an affinity for this part of the world.  You can call into the show and speak with her guests and request different foods and areas of the island that you want her to showcase.  Consider this your vacation hour!


After moving to the island of Malta with her family in 2020, Emily A. Francis learned insider secrets to one of the most spectacular and healthy lifestyles in the world. Here, she shares these insights as well as introduces us to all the things that make these islands so special. Join us each week as Emily guides you through the Mediterranean with a specific focus from her home on the island of Malta. Let this be your weekly mini vacation enjoying time with some of the world’s best kept treasures with island life, farming, fishing, local cuisine and the most cherished part of it all, the people.   

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