What would it mean to you if you could carve out time in your busy life to just spend time with yourself. And not the kind of time where you are doing work for others in peace and quiet, but where you are truly looking within, imagining, creating, understanding and manifesting what your desired state of being could be. And just imagine letting go of all the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual baggage that weighed you down and made you question your purpose and the gift that you knew you had. Time for TEA (Taking Empowered Action) is a curated show hosted by Aisha Saintiche to inspire and empower people to step into their purpose and power, boldly, authentically and unapologetically!

Aisha Saintiche is a Certified Health Coach, keynote speaker, published author and the proud founder of Me to Moi Health. With over 15+years in the areas of mental health, equity, diversity, accessibility and inclusion, Aisha brings her transformative energy to promote the significance and impact self-care as the conduit to self-awareness, self-discovery and self actualization.  Her unique approach to health coaching incorporates her diverse expertise, helping clients unpack the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual barriers that prevent people from realizing their optimal selves. Aisha holds a Master’s in Public Policy Administration and Law, as well as a certification in Change Management, Advanced Crisis Intervention and Counselling and Health Coaching. She is also a leadership coach for the Canadian Olympic Committee of Canada. Most recently Aisha was selected as one of the Top 30 Women Leaders to look out for in 2023 in the NYC Journal.

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