Be Healthy with Sylmara Chatman MD will introduce the fundamentals of Functional Medicine. She will also  identify  the underlying cause of your health issue, the ROOT cause.  The show will discuss the importance of integrating each persons’ medical history, lifestyle factors, and laboratory studies are used to customize personalized treatment plans. To discuss how combining nutrition, hormone balance and education is used to achieve our goals.

Dr Sylmara Chatman has been Board Certified in Family Medicine for 27 yrs. She is also a Functional Medicine specialist for 10 years. Her Body and Wellness program has won numerous awards and recognitions for the outstanding health improvements results. From over 90% effectiveness with weight loss and reduction in chronic pain to reduction in the use of prescription medicines, improved energy and brain fog. Dr Chatman awards include; Leading Physicians of the World in 2018, Healthcare Innovation Award from Harvard Club of Boston in 2018, Top Doctors in Michigan 2020, 2021, 2022, Physician of the year 2021, 2022, and many more.

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