Dr. LaVine’s Practical Neuropsychology

The show that brings viewers success stories demonstrating how the brain works and neuroscience based pragmatic ways to retrain the brain to improve emotional regulation, break old patterns and easily change negative habits; lessons that keep rewarding for the rest of your life.

Dr. LaVine is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist providing modern neuro science informed psychotherapy, couples counseling and coaching services. He sees clients, in person, in his 2 Florida offices and provides Telehealth sessions throughout Florida and  32 other states nationally.

He has decades of experience helping others improve their lives and performance. Specialties include therapy for anxiety, phobias, trauma, depression, relationships and neurocognitive issues related to stress, ADHD, Brain injuries or brain disease.  His Coaching is focused helping those with ADHD, professional athletes, entrepreneurs and executives. 

He majored in Neuropsychology in his Clinical Doctoral degree program, graduating at the top of his class. When appropriate He has hypnotized thousands for relaxation, sports performance, addiction, phobias and trauma.   He continues his own growth studying and practicing neuroscience, psychology continuing education, philosophy, and spirituality.


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