Join Annie Baker Atwood of Red Boots Reiki as she interviews her guests who are curious learners of all life stages. Her guests will describe how they got to their current learning stage. Together they will explore how energetic practices can support productive frustration. Annie will initroduce a few reiki techniques to add to your energy management toolbox. This is a family friendly podcast–come listen and meet some really cool people doing some really cool stuff. Leave feeling inspired with some new techniques to mitigate fatigue, depression and anxiety.

Annie Baker Atwood is a Master Reiki practitioner located in the coastal town of Blue Hill, Maine. Annie sailed competitively at Tufts University and continues to sail competitively. She is a big believer in choosing healthy foods, but she will never tell a client what to eat or how to exercise! Annie was in the education field since 1988 in a variety of capacities and retired from teaching kindergarten in 2022.She is currently rigging sailboats at Atlantic Boat Company in Brooklin Maine and practices Reiki when she is not up a ladder or on a boat. She lives with her two rescue dogs and a rescue cat.

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