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Energy—it is all around us, both seen and unseen. It affects all that lives within humanity, our great planet Earth, and the entire universe. It is a conscious cosmic matrix, an ever-evolving cycle— creating, breaking down, and recreating. It is the foundation of our human experience, intrinsically affecting every facet of our lives: our perceptions, choices, and actions, as well as the challenges, opportunities, and people we attract. Join Andrea Dragonfly on an extraordinary journey, exploring the consciousness of energy and discover how you are CONNECTED –on a deep, vibrational level –to everything and everyone.

For nearly 30 years, Andrea Dragonfly has been an active earth-centered ceremonialist, honoring the cycles of the moons and seasons in nature and through the major transitions (Rites of Passage) of our human lives. Her journey with spirit consciousness began with an Angel’s whisper in the 3rd grade, which ultimately led her to dedicating her Life to the Pursuit of Truth and gathering lost knowledge through various Wisdom Traditions from around the world.

Andrea received a Bachelor’s Degree in Cultural Anthropology. She is a certified Western Herbalist, Birthing and Death Doula, and Life Transitions Coach. Andrea completed her initiation as a Priestess of the Western Esoteric Mysteries in 2010, and in 2017, Andrea received nine initiations of the Laika, the high mountain Shamans of Peru, to carry their energy medicine and share their Wisdom Tradition with the world. Andrea is a Woman of Service and devotedly carries the title of a modern-day Wisdom Keeper, offering Energy Healing and Mentorship in a myriad of ways, she is passionate about Evolutionary Activism and lives a deeply connected existence with All of Her Relations.     

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