Join Yeshua, a mystic and shaman, on “The Way,” a podcast that guides you through the realms of inner peace, healing, and spiritual awakening. Each episode delves into the teachings and practices of Reiki, Yogic traditions, and Ayurvedic wisdom, offering practical insights and heartfelt stories. Whether you’re seeking to balance your chakras, cleanse your home’s energy, or explore the deeper connections between faiths, “The Way” provides a sanctuary for your soul’s journey. Tune in for transformative conversations and discover the tools to elevate your life, reconnect with your true essence, and navigate the path of holistic well-being.  

Hello, my name is Yeshua. I am a mystic and healer passionate about helping others on their own personal journeys. My story is one of transformation and renewal. This journey into the world of holistic healing practices began in the aftermath of my military service, during a period when physical and emotional burdens seemed insurmountable. It was then that I turned to the ancient wisdom of Reiki, yoga, and Ayurvedic medicine—a decision that would not only change my life but also the lives of many others.

The healing began subtly. Through regular Reiki sessions, I experienced a gradual dissipation of physical pain and emotional turmoil. Yoga brought strength and flexibility back to my body, while Ayurvedic practices balanced my inner energies and fortified my body on many levels. These experiences were not just restorative; they were transformative, igniting a passion to share these benefits with others.

Today, I continue to explore, learn, and expand my practice, drawing on similarities found in healing traditions around the world. My journey is a testament to the power of healing and the potential within each person to achieve a balanced, healthy life .

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