Ignite Your Soul with host Donna Kendall is a show dedicated to you learning how to live your life asking yourself, “Does it Ignite My Soul?”. Imagine having unwavering confidence, knowing, clarity, connecting to your soul’s compass and taking bold action to create a life that answers your soul’s craving. What if you could tap into the incredible love and power within your heart, your soul, and it changes what you see, experience, accept, and become? You settle only for a standard that stirs your spirit and ignites your soul! This show will uncover what stops us, why it stops us, and how we got to this place that settles for less than your magnificence. And how you can ignite your soul!

Donna Kendall is a certified Magnetic Mind Coach, Energy Codes facilitator, Reiki I and II, and brain based coach. Donna bridges her military and corporate experience to bring people from a brain based focus to a heart and soul based focus. Working with people nationwide to step into their power, step into their truth, and tap into an uncompromising will and overcome self-imposed limitations to transform their lives through her courses and services. Donna works with the subconscious to neutralize painful emotions and remove resistance so people can live life on their terms, not based on prior neural programming.

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