1pm | Neuro-Transformation Journey

Neuro-Transformation Journey” introduces viewers to the simple self-care steps that address medical mysteries and restore healthy vitality. Decades of teaching the “Neuroscience of Medical Interventions” to healthcare practitioners internationally, and healing from her own brain injuries, illuminate Dr. Cathy’s grounded, logical approach to self-care and healing.

Each week she will introduce a common challenge and outline basic resolution strategies. Then she will lead viewers into their own experience of the self-care techniques that support body-brain reorganization. This support also includes exploration of common defense strategies and stories, and the simple steps for releasing those limitations, so that life starts to make sense, from the inside-out.

Her goal is to “hold the container” for your healing transformation. Everyone needs a place where they can sit, exhale, feel their own belly breath, and be heard and held. That’s where our healing begins. Join us as we hold space for you to release the old body-brain-story confusions and restore your true coherence and connections.

Supported by more than four decades of excellence in medicine, Dr. Cathy Holway has been recognized as a respected figure in her areas of neurological physical therapy expertise. She now heads The Neurovascular Institute Inc., which provides science-based interventions for patient care as well as medical education for healthcare professionals around the country. Through her work, she helps patients through her expanding practice via telehealth treatments, and manages community and coaching groups online. 

Well-regarded for her unique approach to physical therapy, Dr. Holway has hosted conferences on the emerging field of narrative medicine, exploring the reintegration of the true embodiment of oneself, through which patients learn to navigate medical difficulties and create their best, healthiest lives. She draws upon her own experiences with brain injury and leverages tried and true approaches established in her youth to provide for all her patients. Notably, several of her patients have worked with her for more than 20 years. 

Her career has been filled with highlights, helping patients and their families navigate difficult medical situations, including genetic disruptions, such as laryngomalacia, post-traumatic encephalopathy and seizure disorders. Dr. Holway brings her depth of neurological knowledge to help patients of any age reclaim the fullness of their lives. She emphasizes that transformation is possible from our interoceptive embodiment, and her multifaceted work assists with body and brain integration for meaningful function. 

Dr. Holway earned a Bachelor of Science and a certificate in physical therapy from Russell Sage College in 1979. She went on to expand upon her expertise with a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Boston University in 2008. 

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