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For years Gail McDonald and Susan Sneath have led leaders from all walks of life, (one on one, groups, in community and corporate settings) in hopeful conversations that revealed how our sense of personal space, habits, purpose and people shape our destinies and our comfort zones.
In The Change Zone we create a space where we and other leaders explore and test out ideas to step into the possibilities and resources of the change before us.

When you inhabit The Change Zone your relationship to Change can and will change.
Your energy will lift. We will investigate together how to step into the possibilities and resources of the change before us.

Gail McDonald

Change is uncomfortable, unsettling, sometimes even downright terrifying, yet it is an unavoidable constant in our lives. For PCC certified executive leader and personal development coach Gail McDonald, the founder of TranscendentSelf, it is not just about surviving life’s many changes. It is all about making the most of them!

When a client asked Gail – “what do you get out of coaching?” She replied – “I meet amazing people who share their deepest fears, secrets and desires. “I am privileged to share their journey of self-awareness and growth.” “And I learn and grow and become more mindful of my own perspectives – if clients only know how grateful I am for what they have taught me!”

A professional speaker and facilitator for almost 20 years, Gail has inspired an extensive array of audiences from diverse backgrounds in both the private and public sectors. She has delivered training on everything from improved communication skills, and customer service right on through to leadership.

Empowering not just professional audiences with her insights but working privately with aspiring individuals as well, Gail helps us understand that, as opposed to our greatest anxiety, failure is actually our friend, the only way, in essence, to build the resilience needed to ultimately achieve success.
So many people today, lost and confused with no compelling life purpose, are letting fear and insecurity prevent them from realizing their dreams. Not on Gail’s watch! In a non-judgmental atmosphere of acceptance, positivity, and grace, this empathetic thought leader will help you build the courage and the confidence to rediscover who you really are and determine what you want to create as your preferred reality so you can move forward, effortlessly embracing sustainable change. Gail’s own reward, as she sees it, is the consummate joy that comes from leaving people at a higher level of awareness and a lot more in love with themselves than before.

Prior to coaching she served in sales and finance as well as fitness and has dedicated five years on the board for International Coach Federation/Edmonton, AB Canada, as membership director – president elect – president and past president. 

Susan Sneath

There’s a saying, “The stories we tell are how we live our lives. When we are in the middle of change, which hardly anyone likes, (except maybe a wet baby, and even they’re not thrilled) we need to change the stories we tell, the stories we live.”

Susan is a coach and performer who has spent over 20 years helping people bring their visions to life ranging from creating an Alberta Centre for Peace and Meditation to the largest Fringe Theatre Festival in North America. Whether it was the retired accountant turned harpist stricken with nerves before performing that she asked, “What do you know to be true?” They went still and entered their zone of flow.

Or whether it was taking on the role of facilitator with an Employment Search Service, where she gets to help hundreds of people make sense of their skills and next moves.

Or, of course, bringing stories to life on the stage.

In all of her work, she fuses personal development theory, acting techniques, and a sprinkle of mindfulness. She loves meeting people where they’re at and helping to create a space to play with what life’s thrown them.

The best part is that all these actions and passions have made her everyday life full of meaning, fulfillment, and possibility.

This work has recently taken her from the boardroom to Bold Brave TV, where she co-hosts the TV Talk show, The Change Zone with her favourite coach and friend, Gail McDonald.

  • Susan Sneath is really very quiet and subdued…when she sleeps! When she’s awake, she takes the business of life very seriously, she loves to laugh!
  • Raised on the Canadian Prairies, an award-winning actress, businesswoman, and now a grandmother; however, it was as a cancer survivor, over 20 years ago that Susan learned to use her Power Tools of Laughter, Humour and Creativity.
    • As a Coach “Susan provides a vibrant and intuitive approach to coaching. I have worked with Susan for a number of years and as such have received continuous positive feedback from clients who have benefited from both her engaging presentation style and strong ability to connect with them as she guides them to explore and resolve challenges and find success. Her sense of humour is just a bonus!” 

Fun facts:

  • She grew up in the land of flat and at 18 climbed the tallest mountain in Europe because she wanted to see the view.
  • She wears stretchy pants for 2 reasons:  1.for those times when she needs to jump in, get her hands dirty and fall flat on her face, then reach for the stars.  2. in case anyone needs someone to eat a whole pie for world peace. In which case her preferred pie is Lemon Meringue.
  • She loves to greet people, dogs, birds and babies where they are at, on walks in the park.
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