The Holistic Nurse, Peggy Smith RN has been clinically practicing a combined traditional and holistic (Complementary) nursing career which began in 1983.  Her experience includes critical care, gerontology, psychiatric, pediatric, school nurse, and oncology and hospice.  Within all of these specialties she has utilized and taught others how to incorporate holistic techniques to enhance her practice.  She believes in empowering the patient, and learning to advocate for themselves, and encourages collaborative efforts and communication with the physician. 

She has been owner of HappyPossibilities Hypnosis, LLC for almost twenty years, and also offers Reiki and other energy medicine techniques to offer clients many options to have a healthier lifestyles.   She also rescues special needs rescues, and volunteers as a hospital clown , and for the Boy Scouts of America.  The mission of this program. is to introduce, educate viewers the differences between Alternative, Holistic and Complementary medical therapies, with the goal of empowering the lay medical consumer to learn how to advocate for themselves and feel less victimized by the medical professionals. 

Some of the shows will be interviews with experienced professionals in their respective modalities.  Other shows will take a single common chronic health issue and offer practical healthy ways of managing so that the goal would be to eventually require less medication if your doctor agrees.   We will never recommend a consumer make any medical changes without collaboration with their doctor.  Viewers will be able to, and are encouraged to send in their own questions and they will be able to receive private responses, and suggestions if appropriate. 

The Holistic Nurse will not endorse any products discussed during these episodes or sell products that may come up in guest visits. The Holistic Nurse is not a prescriber and will never suggest any generic advice be considered without first discussing with their provider. 

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