Whether at home or work, life is about relationships.  Welcome to Small Change, Big Dividends with your host, Branch Isole.

Small Change, Big Dividends shares steps, tools and tips for personal, career and spiritual growth. When you’re ready for healthier, more successful relationships at home or work,  Small Change, Big Dividends  is your show!  Join Branch now for this week’s episode.

Branch Isole is a poet, storyteller and thought leader of ‘Spiritual Christianity’. His contemporary short stories reveal issues and emotions often experienced, but not always voiced.  With careers in teaching, corporate sales and small business Branch has authored twenty-two books. He graduated from Texas State Univ., did post graduate work Univ. of Houston, and holds an Oxford M.A. Theology degree from Trinity Bible College.

On  ‘Small Change, Big Dividends’  Branch shares how relationships at home or work can be improved by understanding the powers of thought, truth, choice and consequence for personal, career, and spiritual growth.  

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