Welcome to the Total Healing Project with Dr. Ingrid Bacci and Conni Mallchok. With over fifty years of professional experience between them, our hosts are a goldmine of information about the healing process. In this series they share the many tools they developed in years of working with clients, helping them conquer physical pain, resolve emotional baggage, and step into more meaningful and fulfilling lives. Their work is practical, informative, and life-changing. Be prepared to take away something new, innovative and useful from each and every session.

Dr. Ingrid Bacci has been in private practice as a holistic healer for over thirty-five years. She combines her skills as a gifted intuitive with her extensive background in Craniosacral therapy, movement therapies, Yoga, Qigong and spiritual counseling into helping clients heal from physical, emotional and mental challenges. An internationally recognized author, her three books on the self-healing process have been translated into numerous languages.

Dr. Bacci spent many years teaching Craniosacral therapy internationally and has taught her unique approach to self-healing throughout the United States and Europe. She has also been a guest lecturer at numerous hospitals and universities. She is firmly committed to the principle that by diving deep into self-exploration we are all capable of full self-healing.

Conni Mallchok has had a private practice as an Awareness Life Coach for the past 12 years.

She is a practitioner of Quantum Energy Medicine and Pranic Healing. She has a dedicated spiritual practice focused on increasing awareness throughout the body, mind and spirit. Her interest in developing a deeper connection to the energies of the inner and outer environments is a central component of her practice and guidance.

Conni taught meditation for many years and works with her clients to form a direct clear connection to Self, available through increasing physical, emotional and spiritual awareness. She uses breath as a tool to move towards a graceful, balanced alignment that harmonizes the vibration of the spirit, focuses the breath and allows for the fullest expression of one’s authentic self.

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