Join us on ‘Loving Life’s Journey’, a heartwarming show where we explore the simple pleasures and profound moments that make life worth living. Each episode, we’ll share stories of hope, resilience, and the power of human connection, celebrating the joys that bind us together. From the laughter of children to the wisdom of elders, from the thrill of new adventures to the comfort of cherished traditions, ‘Loving Life’s Journey’ is your invitation to revel in the beauty of everyday miracles and the love that surrounds us all. Tune in, be inspired, and remember to cherish every step of this incredible journey called life.

Linda Wilson is a public speaker, mentor, personal and business coach, author, and truly blessed to be alive. Linda has survived aortic dissection, three open-heart surgeries, a super-bug that tried to destroy every part of her body, the loss of five close family members in four years, and deep depression. She can literally write the book on resilience!

She’s been blessed with a huge support system of family, friends, and colleagues. Knowing that most people don’t have the resources she had, Linda’s passion is being that support system to other people, giving back as she received.

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