1pm | The High Road

The High Road with Dr. Marlene Bizub speaks to the heart of people who need to be lifted up and get out of the muck and mire that often accompanies major life changes, such as divorce or separation.  Dr. Marlene aspires to help parents of divorce to “Love their children more than they hate their ex”, and to learn to take “the high road” in whatever way people need when going through such drastic and dramatic life changes.  

Dr. Marlene earned a doctorate in forensic psychology, is the author of Contentious Custody:  Is It Really in the Best Interest of Your Children and has spent over 25 years working in the family court system, as well as in the area of grief recovery.  Learning to accept the things one cannot control is an art, and most people struggle to do it on their own.  The High Road is designed to put people in the right mindset to rise above the often unfair circumstances that affect us all at one time or another.

Tune in the The High Road to gain insight into how some people are able to rise above tough circumstances better than others, and to learn the skills that will help you to take “the high road” in your life, no matter what challenges might come your way!    

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