Hope-Fully is a show full of hope. A place where you can turn to when all the other messages in life tell you to be in fear and to notice doom and gloom.  For our host Marina Theron-Monnery, there is another option, and that is to start to notice all the great things that are in life and not all the negatives. Marina believes that what you focus on will increase and is inviting you to join her in focusing on events that give hope.

Marina Theron-Monnery is an RTT practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Coach guiding people to overcome the pains of childhood trauma, abuse, poverty, weight issues, cancer, and many more. Her professional expertise through years and many clients is complemented and enhanced by her personal experience with many forms of the same pain, abuse, and disease, and overcoming them.  Marina has a very positive energy and an approach to life with the belief that “if I could do it, so can you”. She feels called to inspire and give hope and has the inherent ability to turn negative messaging into positive ones

After a life that felt to her as if she was living in a bubble of perpetual failure and not being worthy and good enough, Marina battled with depression and the burning desire to find out why she was here, living this life.  Slowly life unravelled and when she hit rock bottom after a cancer diagnosis, the right teachers showed up in her life. Through spending years studying and training herself, Marina found her purpose. Today Marina truly knows success in love, business, singing, parenting, and life. She is in love with life and it radiates from her.

As a speaker, podcast host, and now TV host, Marina’s mess became her message. She lives in gratitude today, as everything she had to overcome, also makes her relatable to many people. She is a living example of the success of the work she does.  Marina believes that every person has the potential to live the life of their dreams. She knows firsthand that our mind dictates our body, and if we can harness our thoughts, we can change our reality. The best part is that she does not just say that, she lives it.


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