When our pets pass away they are said to hang out at the Rainbow Bridge until their owners soul arrives to collect them. Beyond The Bridge is about just that… what happens at that bridge and beyond.  During this weekly, live show, Samantha Jones and her guests will delve into topics such as grief, the other side, speaking to spirits both human and animal, healing after a loss, Self help topics, spirituality and much more. Samantha hopes that with this show she can help heal some grieving hearts and improve the lives of everyone listening, both human and animal.

Since Samantha was a young child she could communicate with animals in a way others couldnt, “knew things” and had vision of things to come. After the passing of her mother in 2004, Samantha built a strong relationship with the spirit world, eventually opening her medium and psychic abilities. Connecting people to their loved ones on the other side, bridging the gap between people and animals and helping people better navigate life, are just a few of the ways Samantha helps her clients live happier, healthier and more prosperous lives. Samantha strives every day to show people the beauty of the universe we live in and hopes to make a big enough impact to “change the world”. In addition to being a psychic medium & animal communicator, Samantha is also a Reiki Master, certified spiritual coach, energy healer and aspiring writer. She co-hosts a weekly podcast with her husband, Danny, Spiritual Philos-O-Chatter With The Joneses. In this hour long, listener interactive podcast, Samantha and Danny discuss all things metaphysical, spiritual and philosophical. Together Samantha & Danny try to help people along their spiritual journeys, to bring more “Peace And Love” to their lives. Samantha lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with her husband, Great Danes and a Labrador Retriever. In her spare time Samantha enjoys hiking, dancing and traveling.


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