Welcome to Master of Science with Professor James McCanney. The Good Professor’s career spans 50 years as a university teacher, scientist and engineer. Each week you will explore the rapidly changing world of science, as many long held theories are crumbling under the weight of new data.  He will cover the fields of Geology, Archaeology, Meteorology, Oceanography, Space Science, Astronomy, Cosmology, Biological Evolution, Virology, Energy, Mathematics and more.  We will delve into historical figures such as Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein and the great mathematicians. Come with us as we explore the history of Man, Earth and our universe as you have never seen it before.

Mark your calendars for Tuesday 7 pm EST for so you won’t miss an episode of  Master of Science with Professor James McCanney … for the public and professionals alike .. and tell your friends – if you miss the live show … listen any time to the archives from the many podcast platforms here on Brave Bold TV !

Professor James McCanney has taught the following mathematics courses at the University level in addition to Physics, Computer Science and Astronomy; Abstract Algebra, Linear Algebra, Matrix Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Statistics for Computing, Mathematical Logic, Theory of Numbers, Calculus I, II and III, Engineering Math I and II, Advanced Topics in Geometry and Topology.

James has worked about half of his lengthy career in private industry. Much of this was accomplished in multi-lingual settings, having worked in the USA, Latin America and with high-level Russian scientists. He has presented his research at international conferences and is a regular presenter at American Geophysical Union meetings. He has also lectured at Los Alamos National Laboratories, the Air-Space/America International Air show and International Electric Propulsion conferences. Understanding his background is important in placing his new book into perspective.

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