Ask The Counselor discusses issues that surround topics dealing with mental health, substance abuse and other addictions, as well as relationship difficulties. We  cover alcoholism and the severe damage it can cause individuals, and the effects ion families and relationships.  Relationships include communication and trust issues,  mental health includes depression, anxiety, and personal disorders.

Tom Bergvik has been working in the healthcare field for the most part of the last 50 plus years. Tom’s experience includes working in geriatrics as an administrator, mental health, substance abuse, couples work, those with traumatic brain injury, and developmental disabilities. Tom has been working in private practice since 2011 and licensed since 2013. He is a nationally certified counselor and is about to earn his certification in sex therapy and couples counseling.  Tom’s  educational background is a B.S in Long Term Care Administration in 1981.  Tom also received his MA in Mental Health Counseling in 2011.  Tom has had experience in doing podcasts in the past and his goal here is to help listeners morer fully understand any challenges that they may be grappling with that covers mental health, substance abuse, and/or relationship problems and to address them more effectively.

Hayley Tuscano is 30 years old and lives in Connecticut with her husband and daughter. Her passion is caring and helping others. Hayley  graduated from University of Connecticut’s school of nursing in 2015. She received her Masters degree in nursing education from Western Governors University in 2022. Throughout her nursing career she has worn many hats and pursued every continuing education opportunity as it presented itself. Hayley has a love of learning and sharing her knowledge with the world. She worked as a bedside nurse for 8 years at Yale New Haven Hospital. Now Hayley works for three highly accredited nursing schools across the state. Nursing is so important to her and she enjoys teaching it as much as practicing the skills.   Hayley says “My life has changed since I have become a mother, but my intentions in life hold strong. I want to help others in the best way I can. This is through open communication, active listening, and general understanding of medicine. I am here to help”.


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