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Come talk with us 631-619-2050 ext 101 and ask how we can create the platform that’s perfect for you!

What Bold Brave TV

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Audio & Video Support

We pride ourselves in getting you up and running fast! We know you don't love technology so we'll break it down for you - click here, click there and boom you'll be doing it too! Broadcasting live!


Whether it's a simple Face book live stream or taking it to cable television, we got you! We got the path of least resistance from start up to start going! We explore options and detail all the possibilities!


Most people are afraid of marketing. How do I do it? How do I manage my social media outlets? What about SEO? Is it voodoo? Not ready, it's actually pretty easy once you understand - let us help you get there.


we are on youtube

Our Team

Creative Minds

Marc ‘Felix’ Harwood

Video editor.

Nadia Brako

Content author and design coach.

Dennis Daniel

Voice over artist

Tom Schizzano

Chief engineer and senior producer.

Perry Ladouceur

Audio Engineer and social media.

Sal Peretti


Abraham Nieves

Video editor.

Sean Foster

Audio Engineer and studio designer.

As our marketing director says “we are many parts”.  We’re one part marketing, one part technology and one part brand imaging.  From the photoshop sessions to the Premiere Pro sessions we’ve got the team to pull it all together!

Our Services

what we do


Today there are so many platforms that can help you to inform and grow, let us help you find them!

Creative Design

Making it look just right in all the right places on your set or on your web page! We got this for you.

Time for Prime Time

Guiding you properly through the process is extremely important to us. Our team can help get you ready for prime time every time!


Wanna talk video? Sure! Sony, Black Magic, Aputure, Atomos, Dracast, Tamron, Canon , DJI, Pro Tools - yea we got em all! From HD to 4k.


With over 200 radio talk shows and counting, we cut our teeth on getting talk show hosts up to speed and on air in no time!

SEO Optimization

This is one of the most misunderstood areas of the internet today. Let us help you sift through it all.

One size

does not fit all






Internet Video




Watch your numbers grow!

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1615 9th Ave STE# 102 Bohemia, NY 11716

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Local: 631-619-2050
Mobile: 631-375-3827

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