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My new show, Questing Truth where we talk about conscious living – that is to create an Authentic Life of your own accord instead of living your life by social or parental expectations. We want to share with you through our interviews these special people who are living the life of purpose, meaning and making a contribution to their community and humanity. They are living with their unique intentions that are coming from their hearts and souls. Let’s find out what their values, beliefs, and the ways they weave their life with their true self. These lives can be called Hero’s Journey.

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Michiyo was raised by a Roman Catholic grandmother and father, and by a Shinto mother, in predominantly Buddhist culture and Zen philosophy. Her multi-cultural heritage and extensive travels in European, Asian, and African countries have blossomed into her unique ability to connect with people of diverse backgrounds and interests.

Dr. Michiyo passionately believes that we can follow our inner path to pursue our unique potential and life purpose. She is deeply committed to helping her clients achieve psychological and emotional growth. She has dedicated more than 20 years of her life to her calling as a healer with a focus on mental health and trauma treatment.

Her passion to help others heal, and achieve their highest human potential is evident, as she pioneers highly effective healing techniques and workshops designed to resolve and release limiting beliefs that prevent growth. Her newest technique, Neuro Bi-Lateral Processing (NBP)™, is highly effective for trauma healing by resolving painful memories through integrating the different parts of the brain. This technique is freeing people from their trauma on a cellular level, efficiently and effectively.

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