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Gain ‘MODERN yet SIMPLE SALES’ techniques, processes, tips, do’s and don’ts, as Jackie, ‘THE RAINMAKER’ shares her knowledge and expertise on the latest sales topics and industry trends.  This show will empower you with the confidence and information to up-level your skillset and performance, while helping you to overcome any of those sales challenges that are holding you back, costing you valuable business.  Not only that.. she will also be interviewing fabulously captivating ‘SPECIAL SUBJECT MATTER GUEST EXPERTS’ to ensure so you get Maximum value and perspective!! ‘Who??’ you say? It’s a mystery!!  Each week it will be somebody new… tune in each weekly to find out!  But we promise – they will be AWESOME!!  This is a unique, engaging, and interactive new way to have your sales questions answered and start taking your sales from stalled to unstoppable as you.  MAKE IT RAIN SALES IN YOUR BUSINESS!!

Jackie Rainforth:
Award-winning sales expert Jackie Rainforth, nicknamed ‘The Rainmaker’ by her peers, has been a life-long top sales performer.  Recently named Global Thought  Leader & Influencer to Watch, she is a multi-million-dollar sales expert, author, and International speaker, with decades of experience working with Corporations elevating their sales and customer service to record-breaking levels of success!

In the Entrepreneurial world, this magnetic RBC Woman Entrepreneur of Canada award nominee is founder and CEO of the nationally acclaimed Rainmakers

Business Solutions. She is a much sought-after trainer and conference Speaker sharing her proven sales methods including her highly popular SELLING MADE SIMPLE Sales Success program and her motivational near-death scuba diving story in 2016, LIFE DISRUPTED-I DIED, that prompted her to move from her own hollow sales success to sales training and her never-ending passion to help others.

Author of the well received, The Badass Guide to Superstar Selling, Jackie’s superpower is your sales empowerment, helping salespeople, business owners, and corporate Organizations delve deeper, sell better, and achieve faster results so you MAKE IT RAIN SALES IN YOUR BUSINESS!!

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