Continuance of the human future is in doubt. The unfortunate implications of past actions seem omnipresent, perhaps irreversible. Currently titled climate change it begins to appear as fatal as widespread radiation from weak leadership initiating a nuclear war in defending their masculinity. The nuclear option will not be discussed but the misguided thinking of the masculine aspect as seen in the shortcomings of the first three letters of management relative to misguided industrialization will be. Much technology that was to enhance life has been redirected to its destruction. What to do?  Business as usual as seen in headquarters, labs stores and classrooms is now seen detrimental to life. In part this comes from ignoring the half-empty glass and seeing it as physically half-full and spiritually about to brim over. This is the religion known as negative entropy. It is used in management of industrial processes and products, as well as their marketing. Negentropy cannot exist in the universe, yet we mention its existence in raising funds for development and marketing of much. Humans ignore the necessary deterioration of energy, materials and lives during time. They prefer the idea of immortality and love its marketing. The immortal is often sold via the immoral. We are beginning to note that summers are becoming intolerably hotter each year. The remainder of the year offers devastating storms that injure the contexts life depends upon. Since 1975 David Hawk has equated the passion to have negative entropy to climate change and explains it as a Faustian Bargain. First depicted in 1550, the man Faust was talked into selling his long-term soul for the short-term having of knowledge and the holding of a beautiful woman. Hawk noted this as a young boy on an Iowa farm with nature seen as the enemy of industrial agriculture. Then, as a soldier in Vietnam he experienced continuation of such in men seeking control over nature, and other men, via their destruction. Later, while working in several industries he noted that the quest for inventing negative entropy destroyed the context essential to life.

David Hawk earned an engineering degree at Iowa State University and was given the “scariest student” award at graduation. He went back to Germany to work on the 1972 Munich Olympic Competition Design with a man he greatly admired. Upon the team winning Hawk was offered a job in London to “redevelop” its historic Piccadilly Circus. He then opposed it upon discovering the work was to move humans underground, into dark walkways, so the cars could drive through the Circus more quickly in the bright sunlight. Hawk saw this as an ethical problem like Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and so he initiated a public exhibition for ordinary citizens. The project was killed, and Hawk was fired. He then completed master’s degrees in architecture and in city Planning at the University of Pennsylvania. Via his planning thesis he was invited into the first class of a new Systems Sciences Program at the Wharton School. His dissertation idea was rejected in the US thus he moved it to the Stockholm School of Economics. There he created a major study of how environmental deterioration results from business as usual. CEOs of 20 major international firms and leaders of 6 governments asked to join his project. It projected climate change consequences for continuance of business as usual. Many outside the study called climate change a hoax, including the then head of US EPA and the Dean of Wharton in 1979. In 2024 it is clearly not a hoax.   

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