9pm | Paranormal Queen


10 PM ET

Join my paranormal playground where we will explore captivating topics each week.  Delve into Mediums and Ghosts, Good and Evil, increasing your abilities & busting fake psychics. Past Lives, Spirit Guides, Near Death Experience, UFOs, Angels, Demons …And everything in between.  Live Guests for readings and more. Enter the playground, where anything is possible.

Lisa Lanno is an  international Psychic Medium, Ghosthunter, Handwriting Analyst & Author. A native Bostonian who explores every aspect of the Paranormal world, both the good and evil in the USA and Europe.  With Psychic abilities surfacing at age 19;, Mediumship emerged later in life.  Lisa works with people, animals and the ghostly realm, helping on a psychic level. Her team,  GONE Paranormal, assist ghosts and humans to live in peace.  She also works with families of the missing and murdered, and much more.

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