Welcome to Into the Mystic with your host and certified Reiki master, Jessica Poretto.  Join her on a spiritual adventure where she joins her ancient roots and contemporary wisdom to cultivate healing. Discover the power of energy healing and learn how it can help heal you and all those you love!  Jessica firmly believes that by guiding a person to come into their true, authentic self, we awaken their inner beauty and open up pathways for them to thrive and shine. Walk with Jessica on an unforgettable journey Into the Mystic!

Jessica Poretto is a certified reiki master, Celtic reiki master, intuitive empath, and energy worker. She has always been intrigued by energy and healing others, and has been honing her holistic wellness practice from a very early age. A descendant of female Sicilian healers, Jessica’s abilities are innate and deeply woven into her being. Upon receiving her first tarot reading at age 8, followed by her first deck of tarot cards at age 10, Jessica instinctively knew this was to be her calling. 

Jessica’s work with her clients focuses on uncovering the buried layers of divine sparks and providing the tools to self-heal. She firmly believes that by guiding a person to discover who they truly are through holistic lifestyle practices, we allow that person to thrive and shine.  Originally born In New Orleans, LA, Jessica grew up in Reno, NV. In 2005, she moved to Chicago, where she had her first and only son, Rafi. The two moved to Florida in 2018 and have made Palm Beach their forever home. Rafi is now a freshman in college at Emory University with plans to study medicine to pursue the field of Cardiothoracic Surgery. When she is not with Rafi, she is at home with her lovely dog, Gina, or her family and friends.​
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