Chat with Minister of Angels with host Julie Adreani  is an exciting, new experience delving into all topics Supernatural and Metaphysical. A safe place to visit, where we learn, we experience, and we share knowledge of all Spiritual topics. An interactive forum where cutting edge practitioners with different spiritual expertises offer practical methods to utilize and evolve our consciousness. Tune in weekly to our live broadcast to help explain the unexplained. 

Julie is a certified medium who grew up and has always lived in the Chicago metropolitan area. Her earliest memories of being able to see and sense spirit was at the early age of four. Julie’s guardian in a suit and derby hat served her well through the years. It was the beginning of years of learning, respecting, and developing in spirit. Julie cannot, and does not, take credit for her abilities. God created her this way. 

Julie has dedicated her life to God and her family with a high degree of paranormal ability thrown in. This is a very natural and undeniable ability. Julie found that the more she exercises her gifts, the more balance she experiences in her daily life. 

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