Love, Light and Wisdom inspires listeners to tune in to their authentic selves and create a happier and healthier life. Host Shoshana Averbach, a professionally licensed music therapist, social worker, educator, presenter and healer, has developed effective and practical techniques listeners can try at home to shift the trajectory of their lives, take control and experience true happiness. Shoshana’s proven approach takes the guess work out of healing, with user-friendly techniques that resonate deeply with her clients. Tune in to Love, Light and Wisdom Mondays at 10AM to hear Shoshana discuss her techniques and learn how to apply them to your own life. Be you. Be Happy. Believe!


Shoshana earned her Master of Social Work degree and a Master of Arts degree in music therapy. She holds dual licenses as a social worker and creative arts therapist. Additionally, she earned her accreditation as a healer through the Jewish Association of Spiritual Healers. Her certifications include: board-certified music therapist,  certified practitioner of the Emotion Code and The Body Code, Certified Dementia Practitioner, Certified Case Manager, and a Remote Spirit Release Practitioner.

Currently, Shoshana , maintains a private practice in healing and counseling as well as teaching as an adjunct professor of psychology. Her multicultural professional background includes over 35 years of primarily geriatric experience as a recreation leader, music therapist, social worker, music-therapy consultant and performer in over 90 geriatric facilities. Her other work experience incudes home care, nursing homes, hospice, dementia, adult day care. She has studied a number of healing modalities with master healers.  Shoshana’s healing work and approach to healing were featured in Mystic Mag online magazine, the Jewish Week newspaper, and Blogtalk Radio and other programs. (See In the News page.) Her presentations were well received at several professional conferences and continuing-education webinars. She authored articles in various publications and produced two CDs of her original healing music and songs: The Time Is Coming (2011) and I Reclaim My Heart (2015). 

Shoshana’s goal is to connect people with their soul source, their inner knowing and light, for optimal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being.  As an Orthodox, Jewish healer serving multicultural populations and faiths, she works closely with rabbis and mentors to ensure integrity in her practice which includes pursuing her own healing journey as an individual to better serve her clients.


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