Welcome to Parts Well Played with Liz Keifer, where we explore the relationship we have with ourselves so that  we can enter into healthy relationships with others. As a professional actress in television and film for over thirty years, Liz shares her insights and stories as a relationship and life coach and her years as an actress into the various roles we play in our lives and how they serve us.  

Liz is a certified Martha Beck Wayfinder coach, a Self-Belief coach from the Self-Belief Coaching Academy, and an IFS-informed Life coach through the Pisgah Institute.  One of her first acting jobs was on Happy Days. She’s been on multiple Sitcoms and nighttime shows such as Cheers, Facts of Life, My Two Dads, Full House, 21 JumpStreet, Law and Order, and Blue Bloods. She spent 17 years on CBS’s Guiding Light and regular roles on OLTL, General Hospital, and Young And The Restless. 

Liz is a recent empty nester living in NY with her husband of twenty-seven years. Her intention this year is to strive for imperfection!

Are you ready to experience who you are underneath your Self-doubt and start living the life you love? Schedule a call with Liz today to unlock your future!

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