EmpowerFuse – Unleashing Inspiration Together featuring Dr. Carolyn M. Rubin is a show of encouragement, communication and empowering messages about self-confidence, resilience, and having a positive mindset to embrace your strengths, overcome challenges, and trust in your potential. Carolyn is a patient advocate and servant leader with over 32 years in healthcare, teaching, mentoring and speaking. She has seen the industry evolve and understands the struggles that many face as they try to navigate change. As a Life Coach, meditation trainer and mentor, she has a passion to equip you with the tools you need to be successful in both personal and professional journeys. Carolyn will share quotes and lessons she has learned along her journey and invites you to join in the conversations. Each show will include a live call-in segment bringing a collaborative environment to life, to unleash inspiration together and ignite motivation and creativity. Allowing everyone to share ideas, support each other, and collectively spark inspiration.

“Keep Your Strength, Live Your Dream” and remember, “Every day – walk through the door with the eyes of another, if you do that you will always be successful.”

Carolyn has continually proven an unrelenting dedication to servant leadership and the well-being of others. Her-unwavering commitment to the healthcare profession, elegant oratory abilities, mastery of the art of coaching, and competence in training have distinguished her from her contemporaries. She has received national acclaim for her knowledge and skills, which has led to several requests to express her perspectives. She is the owner and principal consultant for Dr. Carolyn M. Rubin, Coaching That Empowers You, an Executive member of the Maxwell Leadership Team with multiple certifications including including DISC Trainer and Consultant, speaker, mentor, coach, Founding Member, and certified as a Corporate Facilitator on Servant Leadership and Inclusivity. She is a member of Mindvalley and Certified as a Life Coach and Six-Phase Meditation Trainer. Carolyn is a Senior Executive Contributor with Brainz Magazine, a contributor to Passion Vista Magazine, a contributor to Ambitious Magazine, and an Amazon International Best-Selling Author. She is an influencer, mentor, and board member of the International Association of Women, DFW Chapter. Carolyn has received multiple awards and recognized internationally for her extraordinary leadership and devotion to healthcare industry. She was a guest on CUTV News, The Frank McKay Show and T.I.P. radio.

Carolyn invites you to visit her website or send her an email at

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