My name is Valarie Iosue, I am a mom of 4, widow, trauma survivor, breast cancer surthriver, print and runway model, ballet teacher, performer, cosplayer (Wonder Woman), podcaster, and now show host! I enjoy ballet, yoga, rock climbing, photography, reading, writing (working on a book), hiking, and going on random adventures!  I started my podcast, Dancing in the Rain with Valarie, in 2021 after finishing breast cancer treatment. My goal is to inspire and empower others by sharing my story and my guests’ stories on my new live show. 

Dancing in the Rain with Valarie, my live show on the Bold Brave TV Network, will air every Wednesday from 8:00-9:00 pm. I will share my story and lessons I’ve learned from experiencing traumatic events- death, grief, losing many loved ones including my husband, rape, and cancer diagnosis, just to name a few. Although the experiences are extremely traumatic, the transformation that occurred as a result of the events is beautiful. I learned to use pain to fuel my power. Instead of feeling weaker, I feel stronger and more resilient over time. I know by sharing what I’ve overcome and my guests sharing their stories of perseverance and growth, we will help others process past trauma and present situations in a new light.  

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