Jean-Michel is a gifted Spiritual Teacher writing transformative teaching tales based upon his adventures exploring the Sentient Oneirion Worlds. To those souls consciously exploring the Boundless Realms, these worlds are just as real as the physical but operate under broader laws. Those persons grounded only in the material would call his Tales fiction. But does it really matter?  What is unusual is that he teaches and writes infused with the Serpent or Kundalini Energies, explaining the importance of eroticism and love. He calls his Spirituality the Way of the Gallant Heart. Sacred Knowledge is more than sterile thoughts; it is a way of living filled with Love and Wisdom applied wholesomely to our Earth and its creatures. Where gender equality is practised as was in ancient Crete.

Jean-Michel is an accomplished poet appreciated in North America and Europe for his tender and sensual romantic poetry. He founded the Institute for Conscious Evolution and Human Development at He regularly posts articles at on WordPress. He has finished several more volumes of this series and a second series of the Nouseum Sagas.


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