Welcome to Making Real Life Better with your host, Patrick Diorio… a real-life transformation coach and psychotherapist here to expose you to New Thought perspectives and real world solutions that will motivate you to push through your fears, overcome your limiting beliefs, heal your Inner Child wounds, and wake up to a better way to live life. Patrick believes that you have the capacity within yourself to heal, to grow,  and to transform your Self into the next best version of You. And it all starts with conscious awareness and conscious choice. If you can change your mind, if you can make better choices… you can change your life. Patrick and his guests will focus on the real-life challenges that are holding you down and holding you back from living your best life. So let’s get into it with your host Patrick Diorio.

Patrick started his current part-time business Real Life Coaching Services, LLC in July 2022, operating primarily on TikTok as, but has some presence across social media as the same. Patrick is just starting to build up his transformation coaching business as he transitions from his current 40-year full-time IT professional (project manager) career (with IBM/Kyndryl) over the next year or so and move towards a full-time career as Transformation Coach/Therapist, Author, and host of his Live WebTV Show, Making Real Life Better, on BoldBraveTV.

Patrick’s personal belief system is built on the unwavering knowledge that we are all spiritual beings having human experiences, and that the challenges and struggles in the world are normal and an essential part of the human experience. Without challenging times, without the pain, there is no growth. The main pillars upon which his personal belief system is built are: (1) We are spiritual beings having a human experience, (2) Life is a series of choices and we define ourselves by the choices we make, (3) Your personal story, your personal identity, controls the type of life you have, (4) If you change your story, if you change your identity, you can change your life, and (5) Real Life begins with Conscious Awareness and conscious choice.

Patrick’s first book, The Integrated Self: Your Guide to Authentic Personal and Spiritual Growth, co-authored with Arianna Sidway, is currently at the end of the publication process with Covenant Books, and it is expected to be released soon. The book is centered around the Integrated Self Model (ISM), created by Patrick in 2009 through divine inspiration, and eventually published and copyrighted in November 2022. The ISM provides guidance for addressing your inner child wounds, balancing the human Ego and the human Soul, and integrating them for expanding consciousness and inner peace. Patrick plans to use the book to create a public speaking platform to take his book and his message of understanding, compassion, grace, and love worldwide and to promote his mission to make mental health support and services available to anyone who needs it, regardless of their ability to pay.


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