​The Light Walkers Path is a place to nurture your inner light, open to ideas, develop heightened awareness, and find your soul’s purpose through enlightening discussions, wisdom, and inspirational guests. Call in and ask your questions.  Rosemary DeTrolio is a Reiki Master Teacher and owner of Hands of Light by Rosemary LLC  and Grow Your Spirit Books in New Jersey. She specializes in Reiki, angel communication, and intuitive connections. Rosemary has heightened intuitive abilities to glean helpful guidance for her clients. Rosemary has been receiving angel messages since 1993 and channels readings.
She’s been in operation since 2000, holding life enriching workshops in her loft and on Zoom, as well as offering a host of self-study courses and individualized, transformational guidance sessions.
She is a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals with 26 years using Reiki. She has been listed in Who’s Who for professional business owners and educators. She is a former New Jersey educator with 32 full time years . Rosemary is a past recipient of the teacher of the year and former member of the NJEA and NEA and has earned business of the year in 2023 and 2024. She’s mentored many teachers and has trained hundreds of clients in her business. She holds a Master’s in Education and Reading and graduated with honors from both her undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. She has been a guest speaker for many organizations.
Rosemary teaches all levels of Reiki and is highly experienced. She has published several books on Amazon. You can access them all at her website at
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