The Vital Life Force is the breath of the universe. It is sometimes called Qi [Chi], Ki or Prana. It is the force that ensures we are alive and it is the energy that drives our body systems on all our planes of existence – mental, physical and emotional. In this show we call the Vital Life Force the Dynamis – the unrealized potential within us. It is the energy of our thoughts, words and actions that create our reality. It is the unseen power in our minds that allows us to become sick or healthy. In this show we will explore the myriad ways that energy works inside and outside of us and how we can change our reality by shifting the energy around us. 

We will talk about various healing modalities that manipulate energy such as Reiki, Homeopathy, Sound Therapy, and so on, and explore energy in its many different aspects. But mostly we will explore the power you have over your own energy and how you can use that to set yourself up for success in all aspects of your life – including your health, your work life and your relationships.

You are in charge of your life – you command the energy around you. When you realize that – when you can actualize that – your whole life changes for the better.

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