6pm | Mindset Makeover

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Transform  Your  mindset!

I help college-bound athletes and performing artists become confident, resilient young adults who excel on and off the field so they can live to their full potential.

Our performance is determined by the patterns in how we communicate with ourselves. While it’s not easy to change these patterns on your own, with the right understanding, tools, and expert guidance, anyone can become a consistently confident performer.

I’ve experienced performance anxiety in sports, business, and as a musician playing in front of crowds. I can help your performer spot the defeating underlying patterns and change them to create new powerful effective patterns.

My programs are designed to help your child develop an unstoppable mindset that creates positive peak-performance.

By using the latest mind coaching tools to reprogram your performer’s neural network, I’m giving them the keys to the kingdom to create the wiring they really want in life.

You never have to suffer in silence when you have a winning inner-game plan.  Let’s see what you’re really capable of!

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