12pm | WRAR with Sparks

The WRAR with Sparks Show featuring your host Kristin Sparks is focused on spreading Love, Joy & Grace throughout the world. For that purpose she will share personal and professional stories, talk with expert guests from many facets of life that will inspire you, the audience to discover these aspects within yourself.  Kristin’s passion is to help those who feel invisible and unheard find their voice.  On The WRAR with Sparks Show you matter, join us in making this world a more loving, joyous and gracious place to be.

Kristin Sparks is a best-selling author, speaker, and transformational facilitator, She is a philosopher and a deep thinker, and always searching and mastering ways to help the greater good which is exemplified through her multiple positions and endeavors. Kristin is the founder and CEO of WRAR, Inc., a personal communications and connections company that empowers women, individuals, entrepreneurs, and executives through “out-of-the-box” self-discovery experiences.  She and her team support and celebrate women on their individual journeys of self-metamorphoses. Through her broadcast “The WRAR with Sparks Show,” Kristin converses with diverse leaders on multifarious topics, including authenticity, empowerment, health and wellness, and spirituality. She is an expert in Trauma and Shame Recovery, a master trainer in the Canfield Methodology, a Barrett’s Values Leadership and Coaching Certified Consultant, and an Infinite Possibilities Trainer. 


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