7pm | The Sandi Connection

Coming September 7th!!

Life not going as planned? Learn what’s holding you back in relationships, business, health and spiritual concerns with psychic Sandi Athey. You’ve heard her on the radio. You’ve seen her on TV. You’ve read her book. Now join us for her most recent radio show.

For over 20 years, Sandi has been guiding souls, both human and animal, to a place that best serves.

Her near death experience and being sent back from the other side (chronicled in the Telly Award winning mini-series The Sandi Connection on Amazon) propelled her to her true calling.  “While on the other side, I was told to go back and was going to be given a special gift to share,” says Sandi.  After many years of learning about and mastering her gift, she discovered that finding what’s holding you back was the most practical and constructive communique from spirit. She then knew exactly how to use that gift! Voila! Her office inbox was created.  Sandi describes that as being a “Secretary for the Universe” working at a very busy desk.  “It’s my job to deliver messages from loved ones, The Creator, Earth Mother, animals and spirit guides in the most accurate, kind, professional manner and to always be of service,”  Sandi humbly remarks.

Her style is very warm and conversational while she’s conveying your personal messages and addressing your individual needs.

Join us for this exciting new show which promises to be filled with thoughtful insights and Sandi’s joyous laughter.  Your message is waiting!

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