Your Deeper Calling with Theresa Nutt is a show dedicated to empowering women to follow their soul’s purpose and live their life by design. Topics ranging from self-care, whole person health, evolving consciousness, style, energy healing, intuition, and learning your energy design.

Theresa Nutt bridges the worlds of healthcare, energy healing, integrative and holistic healing practices, and life, style and health coaching. She is the founder of Your Deeper Calling, where she aligns women with their soul’s true purpose and walks with them as they design work they love.

She also teaches and consults with a number of organizations to deliver high quality healthcare models that start with a focus on whole person wellness. Past clients have included MHealth Fairview, VA Whole Health, UC Irvine, and Evidence in Motion. She is currently the Director of Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching at UCI.

She is the author of 2 books, 30 Days to Re-Ignite Your Inner Creative Genius and Your Precious Gem Lifestyle Journal.

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