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Welcome to Good Vibes Change Lives!  Have you ever tried to ‘shake off’ a bad day? Or, feel like you’re stuck in a rut?  A new age of enlightenment, hope and vision is making its way across the globe, a welcome contrast to the crazy, upset, negative energy spreading in our world these days.  This podcast is about positivity, taking charge and raising good vibrations. There’s an urgent need for kindness, compassion and love! We’ll features special guests that can help us witness and open our hearts to the positive energy in the world.  Good vibrations can spark change, and together, we can make this world a better place. We’ll talk about awareness and manifest a supportive lifestyle, using some age-old techniques that have been lost.  Yes, you may hear about ‘woo-woo’, and maybe just a bit of ‘woo’. The show aims to get you out of your routine, reframe things a bit and of course, help you raise your positive vibration.   Join us on this journey as we move into a higher vibration of hope, wonder and immensity that is the universe, for the collective, greater good.   Let’s make good vibes and change happen, together!

Kathryn Wilking is an advocate for good vibes! She’s an Author, Decorator, Feng Shui Consultant and Podcast Host. Since 2012, Kathryn worked exclusively as a Feng Shui Consultant, helping homeowners and businesses take charge of their space; showing them how to thrive, not just survive.  She hosted a series through Voice America, has been a regular guest on PBN New York and generously shares tips through Facebook and YouTube. Her podcast, Feng Shui Your Day is consistently drawing audiences since 2021. And now she is launching her latest project Good Vibes Change Lives, a live podcast hosted by the Big Bold TV Network.  Kathryn loves to help others create fulfillment in life by cultivating positive vibes and embracing work-life balance.  Her teaching and counsel encourages others to strive to be the best they can BE!  Kathryn believes: Together, we can make the world a better place’!  Kathryn Wilking resides in Innisfil, Ontario, Canada. You will find her posts feature life-on-the-lake, walking her collie dogs, travel and general musings about changes in the world.  Get in touch with Kathryn via Listen to Good Vibes Change Lives on Spotify or Apple Podcast or (where you listen to your podcasts).

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