1pm | From Victim to Victor

Coming March 22nd!

From Victim to Victor brings you inspirational stories and experiences of regular people who made the transition from feeling powerless to taking control.   This is the show that will empower anyone and everyone.   And along the way, will educate you about narcissism.  We all feel powerless at some times about certain situations in life: family, work, money, relationships, experiences…. Your host, narcissism relationship expert, life coach and psychotherapist Dr Mariette Jansen, is Dutch but lives I the UK. She will offer you tips and tools each show to support you make changes to your situation. Helping you to change from a victim into a victor.   Like she did after having been a victim for 58 years, but turned it around when she cut the cords with her narcissistic mother.    An incredibly difficult but life changing decision.

Two questions that will always be asked are: 

‘What is your one trait that gets in the way of your happiness and well-being?’

‘Who is the narcissist in your life and how are you or have been affected by them?’

Because everyone has at least one narcissist in their lives and it is important to recognize them so you can protect yourself.   

She offers packages for Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coaching, Stress and Anxiety and Finding your Mission in Life. She is a contributor for Psychologies Today and Brainz Magazine. Received a PhD for external communications, worked as a management consultant before changing careers. Studied counseling and psychotherapy in Richmond and London and built a private practice in London, while teaching counseling at MET and Brunel university. 

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